Partners International is a global, full-service talent consulting firm specializing in a broad range of Career Transition Services, Contextual Coaching for executives and emerging high-potential employees, as well as Strategic Team Alignment based on the most pressing, real-time, real-world challenges facing your organization.

A woman-founded, woman-owned, certified Diversity Provider, Partners International is known for its bold, leading-edge solutions that respect the business context and corporate culture of our clients while directly impacting performance, productivity, and profitability.  We guide clients to measurable talent solutions that increase shareholder and stakeholder value.  We strongly believe in providing integrated services that help clients manage the career transition of individuals while at the same time revitalizing the remaining work force.  Our consulting services are provided by a world-class team of talent consultants who serve the needs of executives, teams, and organizations.

Partners International has an extensive worldwide network of consultants and coaches who are meticulously matched to the needs and styles of each client, project, or individual leader. This determination is based not only on technical expertise, but also on industry experience, functional knowledge, background, and personal style.  Partners International is known for:

  • A client-driven approach at all times
  • Sensitivity to the context of each project
  • Respectfulness of each person’s individuality and diversity
  • A deep knowledge of and respect for every organizational culture
  • A flexible approach in light of a rapidly changing marketplace and evolving strategies
  • Addressing the full lifecycle of contemporary organizational and individual stakeholder needs

Partners International is your best strategic partner for developing the individual leaders and high-performance teams that will align people, performance, and profitability… All within the context of your organization.