Contextual CoachingTM powers your Global Business Strategy. It is a bold an effective method that enhances your executives’ true talents and aligns those talents with your organization’s strategic goals. Contextual CoachingTM delivers more individual and organization results for every coaching dollar invested.

Corporate Challenge: To receive the full ROI on your executive coaching investment and produce more effective leaders who drive your corporate strategy

Partners International Solution: Unless you are coaching your executives from a strategic organizational perspective, with organizational reporting and data analysis, you are leaving a huge piece of your coaching spend on the table. Make sure you are getting your full money’s worth by:

  • Aligning every coaching engagement world-wide with your business strategy
  • Capturing and analyzing organizational data from every coaching engagement
  • Assembling a coalition: coach, coaching client, manager, and HR business partner
  • Managing all engagements on a digital coaching management platform
  • Building and sustaining the culture you so carefully designed for your organization

Capturing critical organizational intelligence from coaching engagements you’re already conducting saves huge of money you would otherwise pay for far less reliable or useful data.

Our Contextual Coaching Process In Under 4 Minutes