AOL Jobs

Super Bowl Victory and the 394th Resume (LinkPDF)
Dr. John Hoover shares some job search lessons from the Super Bowl.

Take Your Genius to the Super Bowl: Wisdom and Youth (Link | PDF)
You’re supposed to be thinking about business, but you want to think about football. So, why not think about both? Dr. John Hoover takes some lessons from the Super Bowl playoffs in this article from AOL Jobs.

A Soggy Moment with Dr. King (Link | PDF)
Dr. John Hoover shares his memories of meeting Dr. Martin Luther King on Martin Luther King Day 2015.

New Year’s Resolution 2015: Be the Boss You Wish Your Boss Would Be (Link | PDF)
In this AOL Jobs articles, Dr. John Hoover encourages employees everywhere to take a cue from Gandhi and be the boss they wish their boss would be.

Career Lessons from the Presidential Turkey Pardon (Link | PDF)
Bosses: Stop treating your employees like turkeys! Dr. John Hoover discusses how the annual Presidential Pardon of a turkey on Thanksgiving Day can teach us lessons about leadership and follower-ship.

How to Fix Your Boss (Link | PDF)
Dr. John Hoover explores who’s really the problem, the boss or the employee, in this article for AOL Jobs.

5 Unorthodox Ways to Land a Job  (Link | PDF)
Sometimes it pays to be creative!  In this article for America Online, Dr. John Hoover shares 5 Unorthodox Ways to Land a Job.

Learn Boss’ Speak as a Gift for Boss’s Day  (Link | PDF)
Do you speak your boss’s language?  In this article for America Online on Boss’s Day, Dr. John Hoover shares how you can improve your relationship with your boss by learning how to speak their language.

Tips for Your Job Search from the World Series  (Link | PDF)
Does the Word Series offer valuable insight on how to find a job?  In this article for America Online (AOL), Dr. John Hoover shares valuable tips from the 2014 World Series on how to find a job!

Arizona Business Journal

How to Be Your Boss’s New Best Friend (Link | PDF)
This article, written by Dr. John Hoover, is a slight variation of the original article, How to Be Nice to Your Boss.

BBC Capital

Unemployed? How to Use Your Time (Link PDF)
This ongoing column by Elizabeth Garone for the BBC Capital Page has highlighted several Partners in Human Resources International senior level professionals. In this article, Dave Ciliberto, Senior Vice President of Career Transition Services, provides helpful tips on how to use your time productively while waiting to be hired for that new position.

How to Tame Your Nightmare Boss (LinkPDF)
In this column by Liz Garone, the BBC Capital columnist takes a look at how to tame the unruly boss.  She interviews Partners International’s Dr. John Hoover, author of How to Work for an Idiot, to get direct (and sometimes humorous) answers to help all those diligent people in the workforce who have to rise to the challenge of working with a difficult boss.

Bloomberg BNA Human Resources Report

To Hold onto Valued Employees, Don’t Wait Until They’ve Got One Foot out the Door (Link | PDF)
Both Dr. John Hoover and Dave Ciliberto have been featured in this prestigious Washington, D.C. generated monthly publication that oversees and examines the trends and practices within the Human Resources field.

 Chief Learning Officer

Process Makes Perfect: It’s All About the Details (Link | PDF)


White Lies to Bogus Olympic Medals Showing up on Resumes (Link | PDF)
CEO Amy Friedman was interviewed for this article by CNBC reporter, Amy Langfield, who looks at the trends happening in the world of resume’s and how it affects all those in the Human Resources Field.


For Leading Executives “Human Resources” Means Exactly That (PDF)

How to Be Nice to Your Boss – You May Even End Up Liking Them! (LinkPDF)
This fun article, written by Dr. John Hoover for Bosses Day, shows employees how to handle a not-so-nice boss by giving several pointers – both practical and humorous – so that the employees work environment can be far less stressful.

HR Compliance Library Ideas and Trends

Expert Discusses HR’s Involvement in Coaching Practices (PDF)
Are you a Human Resources hero?  This HR Compliance Library journal interview with Dr. John Hoover of Partners International, written from a Human Resources perspective, is a terrific example of how coaching in the context of the organization—what we call Contextual Coaching™—aligns what individuals do best with what the their sponsoring organizations need most.

HRO Today

On the Agenda (Link | PDF)
This article, featuring input from Partners International CEO Amy Friedman, explores how HR executives need to focus on company culture, employee engagement, and better decision-making in the coming year.

Human Talent Network

The First Commandment: Coach in the Context of the Organization (Link | PDF)
This is the first of a ten-article series counting down to the Conference Board’s 2015 Coaching Summit. Dr. John Hoover shares how enterprise-wide alignment between leaders and corporate strategy is critical to successful executive development and optimal execution on the organization’s most pressing organizational needs.

The Second Commandment: Coach with the Art of Alignment  (Link | PDF)
In week two of our Countdown to Conference Board, this article by Dr. John Hoover shows that if executive coaching is intended to align what leaders do best with what organizations need most, the strengths and interests of individuals must be aligned with the vision, purpose, and strategy that have been defined and set up beacons to guide the organization.

The Third Commandment: Keep the Voice of the Organization Alive (Link | PDF)
In week three of our Countdown to Conference Board, Dr. John Hoover writes on the importance of keeping the voice of the organization alive in coaching engagements.

Neon Notebook

Three Things I Wish I Had Known in My 20s: Amy Friedman (Link | PDF)
To celebrate her 20th year in business, Partners International CEO Amy Friedman shares the three things she wishes she had known in her 20s.

New York Post

Talk it Out (LinkPDF)
In this renowned New York daily newspaper, CEO of Partners International, Amy Friedman, is highlighted in an article about political banter in the workplace.  Ms. Friedman gives candid and needed advice for those in the workplace regarding the issue of social and political dialogue and why it’s important to keep professionalism at the forefront.


Career Transitions across Generations (Link PDF)
Is there a difference transitioning into a new career choice or new type of work scenario when you are young and inexperienced versus more mature with years of experience under your belt?  In this article by Dave Ciliberto, Senior Vice President of Career Transition Services at Partners International, you will gain insight into the the process of Career Transition for different generations.

Society for Organizational Learning Journal, Reflections

Leaders and Their Stories: Becoming the Master of Your Personal Narrative (PDF)
Have you ever been in the middle of a leadership situation and felt, “I’ve been here before?” The content of the situation may have been new, but the territory seemed familiar. All of us have deep personal stories that shape our patterns of behavior and influence our present-day leadership styles. The most effective leaders are masters of living in congruence with those stories – and of reframing them to be more aligned with their changing aspirations. This article by Steven Ober, a senior practitioner in executive coaching, leadership development, organizational learning and change, and executive team learning, describes how, through story work, we can become clear about who we are and learn to create new stories – with new assumptions, feelings, and behaviors – that are more aligned with the results we want.

Talent Management

Top 3 Things Wrong with Diversity & Inclusion Training (Link | PDF)
Partners International SVP, Client Services & Career Transition Dave Ciliberto explores the top three problems we see right now in diversity training in this insightful article featured in Talent Management.

The Ethics of Outplacement (Link | PDF)
Our firm authored the above articles featured in Talent Management Magazine, a premier Human Resources publication. The articles cover the topics of career transition; executive coaching; and outplacement.


Want to Better Your Business, Take a Few Tips from Baseball  (Link | PDF)
While people were watching the 2014 World Series, Dr. John Hoover noted that America’s favorite past-time also provided valuable tips on how to better business!

The Case for Building a Culture of Coaching (Link | PDF)
This feature article, written by Dr. John Hoover, builds the case for a culture of coaching and contextual alignment within a business organization.  In this featured report, Hoover details out the need for contextual coaching and the overall alignment needed between the organizations talent strategy and business strategy.

The Leadership Coaching Dilemma: Contextual Coaching is the Answer (Link PDF)
Dr. John Hoover penned this feature article for TLNT at the news that a Fortune 100 company CEO had fired all of its leadership coaches.  Hoover articulates why the CEO took this approach and why the idea of coaching (when done within the context of the organization) is a surefire way to increase productivity, performance, and profitability.