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Your Working Life with Amy Friedman

In this podcast interview with Caroline Dowd-Higgings, Partners International CEO & Founder Amy Friedman discusses how business must be gender neutral and equal. As Amy describes, “we should not fight bias with bias.”


Partners International – Amy Friedman

Partners International Founder and CEO, Amy Friedman, talks about what has made her company successful for 20 years and will keep it successful for the next 20 years.  Amy describes the positive attributes of a thriving Talent Development organization and how she chooses to lead a woman-founded, woman-owned, woman-led, Diversity supplier in the Career Transition, Executive Coaching, and Strategic Team alignment space.


Dave Ciliberto on Career Transition Services at Partners International

SVP and Practice Leader for Partners International Career Transition Services, David Ciliberto, talks about what makes the Partners International Career Transition experience unique.  Dave has decades of extensive experience in Human Resources, which has helped him to craft the customizable and scalable Career Transition experiences, especially for senior, long-tenured, and/or top-of-the-house employees that Partners International provides.


Dr. John Hoover on the Art of Alignment at Partners International

Partners International SVP, John Hoover, PhD, talks about the underpinning philosophies and systems theory applications behind Contextual Alignment and how Partners International provides all of its services, from Career Transition to Contextual Coaching and Strategic Team Alignment, through the organizational lens.  A long-time executive coach and former Disney and McGraw-Hill executive, John is certified by the International Coach Federation and is a graduate of the Coaching Supervision Academy.


Partners International CEO & Founder Amy Friedman’s Super Eight

Amy Friedman, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Partners International, the Human Resources and Talent Consulting firm she founded in 1994, offers eight nuggets of wisdom for professional women.