Our high-impact team development is designed to address organizations’ most pressing business needs. Strategic Team Alignment is an integrated and focused development approach that ensures results-driven collaborative problem solving and produces real-time solutions to organizational challenges.

Corporate Challenge:  How do you ensure that your best people are leading others to do their best work?

Partners International Solution:  Strategic Team Alignment from Partners International will re-energize and mobilize your leaders and their teams to be more efficient and effective in service of your organization’s global business strategy.

  • Executive team action planning sessions simultaneously strengthen teamwork and provide a strategic framework for advancing key business initiatives
  • Scalable contextual leadership development tracks for individual top-of-the-house leaders align them with peers, subordinates, and corporate strategy
  • Accelerated individual and group coaching helps leaders reflect and lock in collaborative senior leadership team behaviors
  • High-potential leadership development prepares those who are poised to move up and ensure they are ready to lead in the context of your business strategy
  • Strategic Team Alignment maximizes collaboration, cooperation, and cohesiveness at all levels to ensure maximum performance

Everything Partners International does to build the leaders who build your business aligns neatly with your organization’s high-results talent strategy.

Strategic Team Alignment Data Sheet (PDF)

The Science behind Strategic Team Alignment Data Sheet (PDF)