The ability to move your talent to new opportunities and challenging roles inside your organization is the essence of Talent Mobility. Using cutting edge methods and finely-tuned experience, Partners International ensures the rapid and strategic redeployment of talent where it is most urgently needed within your global organization.

Corporate Challenge:  Is everyone in your talent pipeline ready to lead now, even across disciplines?  Are those who are stepping into new roles expected to be agile, mobile, and still provide an enhanced level of leadership that will be measured in new ways?

Partners International Solution:  A well-conceived, integrated strategy is an important part of fast tracking new hires and preparing emerging leaders, as well as providing a supportive foundation for the success of employees transitioning into new roles and responsibilities.

  • In organizations, the demand for strategic Talent Mobility occurs naturally as part of the evolution of talent and Organizational Development.
  • The re-engagement of talent that stays with the organization after a re-structuring initiative is critically important.
  • These individuals benefit greatly from targeted development opportunities and focused coaching support, all of which points to greater team alignment and effective acclimation to new roles.
  • The redeployment of exiting talent requires skilled preparation if the move into the next career phase is to be successful.
  • Critical to the success of any Talent Mobility strategy is the capture and transfer of business knowledge, coupled with a solid communications plan to provide both consistency and continuity, regardless of where, when, or why the transition takes place.

When skillfully planned and implemented, and managed with compassion for all impacted employees, an Integrated Talent Mobility program can have a positive impact on a company’s reputation, while improving productivity and increasing talent retention.