“I am thrilled to have landed a strong challenging position in record time. This is completely the result of the incredible Career Transition team at Partners International. While some may say, ‘it takes a village,’ actually, it takes your Partners. The entire team was incredibly responsive and enabled me to stay calm and focused while providing me a great deal of help in crafting my ‘exit’ statement to clients and internally to my former company, establishing my brand, writing my resume, networking, interviewing, and handling negotiations. They had my back throughout the entire process. I had entered the process shell-shocked, and am leaving it far more confident and ‘armed’ with information, and valuable contacts and friends.”
-From a Senior Executive (Managing Director, Financial Services) in Transition

“It was a blessing to have somewhere to go, people to talk to, especially in a one-on-one atmosphere, during a particularly tough time, being unemployed for the first time ever. I am ever so grateful to have had the opportunity to have help from Partners in my transition. I was impressed with the genuine care, concern and commitment that most of the staff members showed to us job seekers. I felt them rejoice with us as we found new jobs. It was much appreciated!”
-From a Career Transition Program Participant

“My consultant helped me during every step of my job search process from my resume, interview techniques, and salary negotiations. I am so thankful that I was able to work with Partners International. I received a job offer less than a month after working with my consultant!”
-From a Career Transition Program Participant

“You alleviated any and all of my initial skepticism of the traditional outplacement firm immediately.   I loved your total focus on tailoring the right game plan for me post getting grounded where I stood in the transition process. On the coaching side [the consultants] are simply awesome. You have aligned me with two incredibly experienced executive coaches. I feel both are tailored perfectly to achieve the key objectives we discussed for my new venture. We are “off and running” and their feedback so far has been excellent and very constructive. We have developed terrific chemistry. One key thing I like is the very candid and direct feedback from the start.”
-From a Senior Leader in Transition

“All of my time at Partners International has been professional and extremely rewarding.  I always felt respected and treated like a valuable client in all of my interactions with Partners International staff.  Although I am writing this with a new job that started a couple of weeks ago, I’m writing to let you know that [my consultant] helped me stay me through the most difficult professional time of my life and that has been invaluable.  And truthfully, I don’t fear unemployment at all anymore knowing that I have the tools necessary to find the next step in my career path.  And those tools were forged by [my consultant].”
-From an Executive Career Transition Program Participant

“I wanted to let you know how well this program and the Partners International support overall is going. To be completely honest I was a bit hesitant at first, but knew I needed to do everything presented to me and keep all my options open in order to truly have the best experience possible and I must say it’s been terrific. The facilitator was incredible, and I’ve learned so much from her, not just about myself but in general and have also met some great people in the process. It is also fun, which really makes a difference as the time just flies. I’m so glad there’s Peak Performance afterward to keep the momentum going. As an introvert it may be taking me a bit longer to get the ball rolling, but between the classes and staff, it has been a great experience so far. Just knowing you’re all there with the continued support and learning is so helpful. This is really a terrific program and I’m so glad I’ve attended.”
-From a Senior Executive in the 4-Day Senior Leadership Workshop

“The weekly discipline of the process being part of the Senior Job Action Team and reporting back to the group kept me moving forward. The holistic approach coupled with advice brought structure. This group became my home base.”
-From a Peak Performance Team Participant

“The group kept me motivated and focused, and the team members (along with our facilitator) provided great advice and support to each other.”
-From a Peak Performance Team Participant