Contextual Coaching


The Benefits of Using the Contextual Coaching™ Approach

Contextual Coaching™ is a true organizational process.  It is coaching through an organizational lens.  Contextual Coaching™ was developed to be a comprehensive method of expanding traditional executive coaching into an organization development process based on organizational alignment.  Using a systems approach, Contextual Coaching™ produces simultaneous growth and development opportunities for the executive and the organization.  The growth and development needs of the executive remain a fundamental aspect of the coaching engagement and drive the developmental process for the individual.  At the same time, the Contextual Coaching™ approach enhances and perhaps expands the executive’s role in the broader growth and development of the organization.

This dual focus, the coaching client and sponsoring organization as co-clients, means that the coach, the coaching client, the coaching client’s manager, and the organizational sponsor (usually HR) will address multiple contexts that affect the situation of the coaching client as well as will align the coaching process with the strategies, cultural imperatives, talent management systems, and competency requirements of the entire organization.  This is complete contextual alignment.  The contextual coach maps the coaching process to a changing organizational landscape, complete with enterprise-wide strategic agendas and individual issues; revealing how each compliments the other.

The return on investment from the Contextual Coaching™ process is best identified when both the coaching client and the organization are seen as co-clients or joint customers in the process.  Because of this, the Contextual Coaching™ process will satisfy both customers and achieve overall success within the engagement.

Contextual coaches balance the needs of the individual with the requirements of the key constituents (i.e. the coaching client’s manager, Learning and Development groups, and Human Resource departments) in each assignment.  In short, Contextual Coaching™ aligns what individuals do best with what organizations need most.

Our Contextual Coaching Process in 4 Minutes