From a Group Vice President, Human Resources:

“Partners International helped us transform the way leaders exited talent. I found Partners International in 2009, when the financial crisis greatly impacted our company, wherby we were forced to move from a long-tenured, somewhat patriarchal company to ‘lean and mean’ in order to survive. Partners International outplacement works as a partner, both to the managers making these tough calls, and to the displaced employees. They are coaching and consultative and help people not just survive job loss, but build confidence, transform their careers, and thrive. As a result, I know I’m helping people exit with dignity and opportunity. Further, these employees stay in our network and seek to return to a company that treated them well. I couldn’t do my job without Partners.

From a Vice President of Executive Coaching:

“The Global Contextual Coaching model from Partners International puts words and structure to what we are trying to accomplish organizationally with our executive coaching investments. It’s measurable, it’s analytical, and it definitely aligns what our leaders do best with what our organization needs most.”

From a Chief Learning Officer:

“Our corporate learning and development catalog had been accumulated and pieced together for years as self-enrollment electives. When we hired Partners International as our Talent Consulting Firm we learned to take a consultative approach to learning and create Contextual Alignment in all of our learning programs—systemically aligning individual and team learning agendas with our corporate strategic agenda. Now our learning and development investment, especially in leaders and senior leadership teams, makes much more sense.”