Executive Search

A unique, multi-faceted approach to finding, attracting and recruiting the right executive talent.


Our process has the collaborative exchange of a boutique service combined with the experience and bench strength to scale for large companies with global needs. We use leading predictive data analytics tools in our searches, combining algorithmic intelligence with deep experience across industries. Each executive search engagement is executed across three interrelated components.


Define the Need. Determine the Ideal.

First, we collaborate with you to build an ideal candidate profile. This will be used to guide our search and pre-screening. This tool is highly effective. Close to 60% of our candidates move from pre-screening to final rounds.

Create the candidate assessment model.

Then, working with your hiring team, we build a custom evaluation process based on your specific needs. Through our proprietary model and best practices learned over decades, this framework keeps everyone aligned and focused.

Manage the process strategically, efficiently & effectively.

As your partner, we take the lead and do most of the heavy lifting – reducing the burden on your own team. We also protect against hiring biases and keep candidates actively engaged and moving forward at the right pace.