Our Executive Coaches

Kim Bealle

Kim’s coaching practice is informed by her decades-long career in advertising and marketing, where she learned to understand the perspectives and needs of client companies across a range of industries. She meets her coaching clients, and their companies, where they are and designs a coaching plan to achieve their individual and organizational goals. Kim was trained and is certified by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), as well as completed the organization’s intensive Leadership program.  Her approach helps clients deepen their self-awareness and then move that learning into action. Kim’s empathy, intuition and practical activation tools help clients achieve the transformations they want and need to make. Prior to becoming a coach, Kim spent more than 30 years at major advertising agencies, working with domestic and global clients. While at Y&R, Kim was the EVP/Director of Account Management, as well as sat on executive and leadership committees at Y&R, Kraft Foods and Saatchi&Saatchi.

 Gaurav Bhalla, PhD

Gaurav approaches his engagements with a unique blend of global experience, cutting edge knowledge, cross-cultural insights, and a human-centric philosophy. He has 40+ years of consulting, coaching, mentoring, training, and facilitation experience. In all his professional engagements he has one dominant focus – encouraging individuals, teams, and companies find new ways to grow by challenging the status quo.

As a globally acclaimed thinker-doer, Gaurav is a trusted expert in Leadership, Marketing, Innovation and Strategy. He has worked on 5 continents and 30+ countries, where he has helped Fortune 500 companies, small and medium sized businesses, and entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Formerly a C-suite executive and Global Innovation Director, Gaurav has experienced the work world as a multinational executive, business consultant, entrepreneur, executive training specialist, facilitator, author, speaker, and coach. In 2016, he won a global award for Executive Education Specialist of the Year.

Joanne Bobes

Joanne is an executive coach and leadership advisor with 20 years of experience working with individuals and groups both in-house and as a consultant. Joanne is also a psychotherapist, affording her an additional vantage point to help clients manage the often accompanying uncertainty, stress, or concerns associated with growth, change, and transitional times. As an executive coach, learning consultant, and clinician, Joanne has a depth of knowledge and ability to support people to successfully build and manage career progression.  She guides clients to strengthen insights, skills, and behaviors required to enhance interpersonal and leadership effectiveness. Joanne effectively coaches Managers. Directors, VPs, and C-Suite Executives, bringing her unique blend of business and clinical skills to help clients achieve both personal and professional goals. Coaching topics include communicating effectively, executive presence, influencing skills, building partnerships, succession planning, managing differences/conflict, stress management, and work/life balance.

Pam Borton

Pam is an ICF Senior Executive Coach PCC, Professional Speaker, Leadership Trainer and Author. She is committed to taking C-suite executives and senior-level leaders and their teams to the “Next Level”. Pam is highly sought-after because of her unique business and leadership experience, business acumen, and proven track record. She has been featured in Sports Business Journal, Twin Cities Business Magazine, Artful Living Magazine, Human Resources Executive Online, Business Opportunities Handbook, Wharton Business Radio, WCCO CBS Morning News, ESPN Radio, and others. She stands apart with 27 years of high-level, Division 1 coaching experience, including 12 years in the Big Ten Conference as the head basketball coach at the University of Minnesota and is the winningest coach in the University of Minnesota women’s basketball history.


Işilay Çabuk

Işılay brings 15 years of experience as a finance professional to her coaching skill set. Even as a business-side professional, Işılay developed a keen interest in human behavior and began to hone her natural ability to coach inside the S&P organization with other analysts.  She discovered that people can be as volatile as financial markets.  She began to also learn that, unlike financial markets, people could deliberately change for the better with systematic and purposeful effort–and not be held hostage to emotional upheaval. Işılay’s extensive business expertise, leadership, and excellent communication, interpersonal skills, and creativity add great value to her coaching abilities. She has coached internationally at all management levels.  She has also managed, trained, and coached teams in New York, London, and Beijing. Işılay has coached professionals in sectors other than financial, such as education, engineering, health care, and non-profit, automotive and technology. Işılay’s experience includes the 15 years of high-level managerial positions at Standard & Poor’s Index and Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services dealing with international companies and over 100 Stock Markets.

Cecilia Carter

Cecilia brings a unique combination of communications, diversity and human resource experience to her engagements. Fluidly moving between coaching and consulting, she leverages her experience to increase executive alignment with corporate values, brand and mission. Passionate about developing diverse talent, she creates a safe place for clients to share personal and professional challenges that might impact their career growth. Cecilia focuses on executive coaching and presence, new leader assimilation, diversity strategy, team alignment, conflict management, and leadership development. She has worked with all management levels in coaching and strategic consulting; including Executive Vice Presidents, Chief Diversity Officers, Chief Corporate Marketing Officers, Chief Human Resource Officers, Chief Communication Officers, as well as middle management. Cecilia has served in a broad array of leadership roles for several world-class brands, advancing to Vice President positions in PepsiCo and Starbucks. Known for her visionary style and strategic focus, she is adept at aligning executive engagement, mission, values and business strategy.  Her background combines experience in both the public and private sectors across many industries including retail, financial, consumer brands and entertainment.

Neal Eisenstein 

Neal delivers executive coaching, leadership development and team alignment services to senior and middle management.  He works with leaders and teams who are serious about growth and the need to change. As a strong, seasoned facilitator of talent, Neal helps clients to embrace change and meet challenges that limit their ability to perform, engage appropriately, manage priorities, develop new skills, accelerate performance, align execution with strategy, grow the organization, and motivate teams.  Neal works with all types of executives—C-suite, SVP, VP, MD and Director level leaders across all functions, industries, generations, and genders—helping them to discover practical new approaches that range from the subtle nuance of interpersonal interaction and accountability to the more visible broad strokes of executive leadership. He brings unique ability to establish trust and strong engagement to encouraging clients to lead, powerfully. There is no temperament that Neal can’t transform. Neal’s experience started in sales, moving up through the ranks in a variety of executive roles with such brands as Honeywell and Esselte Pendaflex.

Frank Faeth

As a former Fortune 500 senior executive, Frank understands exactly what it takes for leaders and managers to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.  He applies his business background to coach high potential individuals on how to perform at their personal best. Principles of clear communication, relationship building, compassionate leadership, and curiosity underpin his coaching approach. Frank partners with clients to turn powerful personal and interpersonal insights into positive action that advances their careers and the missions of their organizations.  He has coached all levels of management, focusing on senior leaders across a wide range of industries and functions. Frank’s source of differentiation is his knowledge of how organizations and people operate based on his executive level experience.

Theodore Gerber

Ted brings a very practical approach to his engagements through his extensive management and consulting experience in business strategy facilitation, conflict management/negotiations, team alignment, organizational/leadership development and executive coaching. He has worked with all management levels in both coaching and facilitating team alignment sessions. Ted has coached C-level executives including Presidents, Executive Vice Presidents, Chief Legal Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Executive and Senior Vice Presidents of Sales and Marketing, Vice Presidents of Logistics and Manufacturing as well as middle management. Formerly he held the position of head of U.S. business operations for Krauthammer International, an international executive development, training, and consulting firm, where he worked with organizations to improve their business decisions.   Ted also was a partner in Decision Processes International, an international strategy consulting firm facilitating senior level strategy sessions with companies in the US, Europe and Africa.

Harris Ginsberg

With 30 years of experience as a trusted advisor to senior leaders at Fortune 500 companies, Harris has expertise in succession planning as well as talent development to optimize the capability of the enterprise to drive business results. He has worked with C-Suite and senior leaders to enhance their impact as leaders – individually and collectively –through results-driven coaching engagements and designed award-winning experiences to accelerate the development of high potential leaders at all levels. Prior to establishing his consultancy, Harris spearheaded the global talent development strategy at Pfizer to build leadership capability at all levels and accelerate high potential development through programs, development processes, coaching, and mentoring.

Josette Goldberg Klopfer, MSMOB, PCC

Josette specializes in taking already successful business leaders and their teams to the next level of performance.  Josette’s passion is challenging leaders to understand every aspect of their company, evaluate what makes them unique, and leverage each team member’s talents.  Her goal is to create an environment where each leader can increase their performance and thrive. Her top-down approach to coaching has a cascading effect on the entire organization. Prior to coaching, Josette has held C-suite executive and officer roles for over 20 years.  Josette has guided several Fortune 500 companies through M&A, financial and cultural turnarounds, and fast growth by leading initiatives to expand the organizations’ impact in their industry, increase sales, and improve margins.

Bill Guerin

Bill Guerin has helped many organizations drive change and improve business performance while also generating greater commitment, engagement, and loyalty among their employees and customers. Bill produces change using powerful catalysts to challenge assumptions, remove barriers and stimulate fresh thinking and new behaviors. His approach creates more authentic and meaningful conversations and breakthrough experiences, enabling his clients to work smarter, faster and more effectively in achieving lasting improvements. Bill’s coaching philosophy is grounded in helping executives understand and leverage their greatest strengths. He works with his clients to develop a clear and compelling desired future state for both the executive and the business; honestly and objectively describe the current state, and then work on high impact areas to move the executive and the business from where it is to where it needs to be. Bill is a seasoned executive with 35+ years of experience in a variety of executive roles across various industries. He has held several corporate leadership positions, including Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Strategy for Prudential Insurance; Executive Vice President at global market research firm TNS, and Director of Sales and marketing for PPL, a Fortune 500 diversified energy company.

Katherine Hosie

Katherine Hosie, M.Sc. is one of only three coaches in the United States qualified to offer master’s-level evidence-based coaching psychology from the University of Sydney, which leads the world in this arena. She partners with successful leaders in reinjecting meaning, authenticity, and sustainability into how they lead their organizations, including learning complex adaptive leadership approaches required for our changing world. Katherine has been coaching full-time since 2003 and has over 10,000 hours of coaching experience across a multitude of industries. She combines cutting edge evidence-based coaching psychology with a humanistic approach to adult development, and has held board and leadership roles for several years including President, International Coach Federation (ICF) Australasia, the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession. She is Australian and has been based in San Francisco since 2013.

Peter James

As a business and leadership coach, Peter brings a unique combination of emotional intelligence, leadership and strategic thinking into all of his coaching engagements. His background as an officer in the US Army and experience in corporate marketing allows him to look for both discipline and strategic thinking within his clients. His focus on helping senior executives and leaders transform from average to high-performing is a main framework to many of his coaching relationships. This is accomplished by the unwrapping of a leader’s potential in order to amplify their own performance. Subsequently, this causes them to learn and grow freely. He believes that leaders can find their own solutions, set their own goals and devise their own strategies for the purposes of change; however, having a coach to help manifest these criteria and outcomes is essential.

Peter offers more than two decades of leadership-laden experience stretching from his service within the U.S. Army to marketing within the Pharmaceutical Industry to his role as the Chair of a Business School within a major university and currently, as the President of the Chicago Chapter of the International Coach Federation.

Julie Jansen

Julie helps individuals and businesses reach their fullest potential in today’s chaotic business world. Her areas of expertise include communication and presenting, executive presence, time management, career development, building confidence, problem-solving, decision-making, and self-awareness.  She currently coaches clients in the areas of new leader development, performance acceleration, and enhancing and improving existing leadership skills. Julie is the author of the best-selling career classic I Don’t Know What I Want, But I Know It’s Not This: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Gratifying Work (3rd Edition) and You Want Me to Work With Who? Eleven Keys to a Stress-Free, Satisfying, and Successful Work Life…No Matter Who You Work With.

Cheryl Jordan, PhD

Cheryl is a change agent, leadership and team development master, executive coach and wellness promoter with a history of demonstrating creative, innovative and progressive thought leadership in environments where millisecond change is the norm.  As a coach, Cheryl effectively guides leaders, teams and women leaders to come from a place of inspiration, to imagine stellar outcomes and to execute on their professional aspirations and goals. Cheryl has coached C-Suite, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents and middle managers in the media/entertainment, sports, financial services, NGOs, and healthcare industries. She has over 30 years of experience developing talent to meet the immediate and emerging needs of the business and co-authored,  The role of societal privilege in the definitions and practices of inclusion”, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal.

Hannah Kiernan, Esq.

Hannah is a certified executive leadership and team coach who has over 20-years of experience coaching business professionals.  Hannah started her career as a litigator and moved into practice and business development roles at global law firms in New York, Boston and Northern New Jersey.  Hannah’s business experience includes managing large international teams where she was known as a highly successful leader with wide-ranging responsibilities that encompassed budgeting, marketing, staffing, business generation, client retention, talent management, and organizational design.   Hannah’s strengths-based coaching process focuses on helping business leaders gain greater self-awareness and develop skills and behaviors that better align with their organizations and enhance work performance.  Hannah’s current practice includes coaching professionals and teams in leadership skills, adaptive behavioral techniques, career management, and in co-designing successful business strategies that help clients improve their professional outcomes.  Hannah has been recognized by Diversity Lab as one of their “Top Lawyer Coaches” for her pro bono work coaching women attorneys who are transitioning back into private practice after exiting the workforce.

Gina Lepore

Gina’s coaching practice focuses on guiding managers and professionals in a number of different industries, including healthcare, financial services, technology and education, through complex transformations of people, process and technology. She is passionate about helping her clients develop skills to face today’s challenges and build effective organizations and teams. She is a board (BCC) and ICF certified insightful business coach and consultant with more than three decades of direct leadership experience. By pinpointing problems and offering solutions with impact, Gina supports her clients as they lead their teams through periods of significant change. Her clients become the leaders people are inspired by and want to work with. Her effectiveness as a coach lies in helping people to learn and leverage soft skills including complex problem solving, conflict resolution, negotiation, and how to operate from an empathy mindset. In her personal career she moved through the ranks of several companies and industries and spent the last 3 decades in COO roles both in education, financial services and technology. Team leaders can draw on Gina’s decades of experience in climbing the corporate ladder, transforming organizations, and teaching in Masters programs in Management at NYU and Pacific College of Health and Science.

Steven Morvay

Steven brings to every engagement his wide scope of problem-solving experience. He has worked within small entrepreneurial ventures as well as multi-national corporate giants, private and public companies, start-ups and turn-around efforts. He is comfortable and successful working with individuals as they explore their next career step, as well as coaching senior executives, facilitating their business strategy, conflict management, career development and organizational optimization. Steven also has added capabilities addressing Diversity and Inclusion aspects of executive responsibilities. His approach to working with his clients is based on establishing a well-defined objective with a measurable result. Most recently, Steven was CEO of Acquirgy, a $100 million acquisition marketing company where he propelled the initial Digital practice from inception to a leading position as a top ten independent US provider of SEM in two years.

Leslie Rolison

Leslie is an experienced executive coach, whose partnership with her clients encourages change, clarifies goals, and enhances their impact. She leverages her background working as a senior executive in complex business environments to gain the perspective, insights and behavioral tools to reach their potential. Leslie works with her clients to identify solutions that work best for them, while helping them to increase their self-knowledge and develop confidence as a leader.  Her style is passionate and direct, and she provides her clients a safe environment to reflect, share, discuss, and strategize to solve their more challenging situations. Leslie specializes in supporting smart, successful female leaders to embrace their strengths and seek opportunities for increased inclusion. She is certified to administer various assessment instruments and uses them, and other coaching tools, to enhance her client’s experiences. Prior to becoming an executive coach, Leslie was Chief Administrative Officer and a member of the executive management team at Jennison Associates LLC, a $170B asset management firm.

Yaprak Sapanlı Görür

Yaprak has 20+ years of global executive human resources and leadership development experience from 3M Company. She is passionate about developing leaders, helping them create the best version of themselves, and achieving results. Having held senior positions, led leaders across various geographies, and being an expatriate located in a multicultural environment, she understands the challenges the global leaders face. She offers a deeper understanding of multicultural diversity, matrix organization, and organizational dynamics to her engagements. Yaprak’s coaching style is transformational, results-oriented, direct, and developmental. She has a track record of successfully helping senior leaders strengthen their leadership skills during significant transformation periods. She has coached all management levels, including C-suite executives, senior-level leaders, and their teams, in biopharma, industrial, tech, retail, engineering, and healthcare in fortune 500 and startup companies. She also served the board of directors of Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity in 2017-2019.

Jaye Smith

Jaye is an engaging, compassionate, challenging and intuitive coach to executives, entrepreneurs and innovators. She has blended experience as a serial entrepreneur, executive, author and university faculty member.  Jaye has worked with Fortune 100, 500, mid-sized and startup companies as a talent expert, leadership coach and team facilitator. Using her team building expertise and her interactive, innovative approaches, Jaye has helped over 100 companies create strategies, overcome conflict and align intact and cross-functional teams.

Jaye is fueled by helping others uncover their purpose, direction and leadership brand, as well helping them build a roadmap to realize their goals and full potential as leaders. Jaye is co-author of The Retirement Boom: The All-Inclusive Guide to Money, Life, and Health in Your Next Chapter as well as Reboot Your Life: Energize Your Career and Life by Taking a Break and Venus Unbound. She has been interviewed on radio, TV and print media discussing strategies for building successful careers and businesses.

Brian Szepkouski 

A leading authority on international executive leadership development, Brian capitalizes on his extensive global experience to offer high impact executive coaching to corporate leaders facing the challenges of leading with influence and inspiration, as well as developing a signature presence. His niche is his astuteness in discerning — and helping his clients navigate— a wide cultural range, from personal cultural backgrounds through corporate, regional, and national cultures. Brian has a true passion for helping his clients reach their highest potential.

Ash Varma

Ash brings to his Executive Coaching practice a multitude of business, finance and legal experience gleaned from his prior careers as an International Tax Attorney at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind; CFO of the world’s largest billboard company; an Entrepreneur; and COO of several Talent Management companies. His coaching style focuses on how to best assist the coaching client in terms of what they are trying to achieve, in conjunction with the goals of the organization. Thus, Ash’s key focuses often include issues surrounding navigating C-Suite Leadership, HiPo Women Leadership, Strategy and Execution, working on specific individual concerns (e.g. low self-esteem, confidence, introversion, emotional intelligence) and many others. Ash’s individual coaching style encompasses full listening, asking numerous questions, motivating, and continuously communicating together. Ash has also often been brought in to bring individuals and teams together who are in conflict, forging a collaborative environment that gets the organization unstuck.

Beverly Wallace

Beverly is an ICF certified executive coach with more than 15 years of expertise in executive and leadership development. Her focus is on accelerating the growth of leaders as they drive toward increased business results. Through her candid and insightful coaching methodology, Beverly helps leaders increase their influence, executive presence, and communication effectiveness, while always keeping the business strategy as the primary goal. She specializes in helping leaders overcome barriers to success and create impactful, sustainable results. Most recently, Beverly was the Vice President of Executive Development at a Fortune 50 Company, focusing on accelerating high potential leaders’ development through challenging program experiences and executive coaching. She has also held leadership, sales, and marketing roles and has coached leaders in pharma, tech, financial services, retail, engineering, and healthcare.

Elizabeth Ward, PhD

Dr. Elizabeth Ward knows that performance is everything in the world of business. To achieve levels of excellence that gain recognition, executives need to develop the same skills as those required of elite athletes: self-awareness, sharp focus, and strategic application of their strengths. Elizabeth uses her background and training as an athlete and psychologist to help her clients mitigate stress, develop practical skills and achieve their goals. Using her extensive experience in business, sport and life, Elizabeth collaborates with her clients to identify and enhance behaviors that will enable clients to excel while also provide increased well-being. As Elizabeth works with executives, entrepreneurs and other professionals to deliver their best performance, she helps them to increase self-awareness and motivation, manage pressure, leverage strengths and work more effectively with colleagues and clients.

Susie Warman

Implementing leadership development solutions that link individual effectiveness to organizational performance has been the focus of Susie’s work for the last 16 years. She has extensive expertise in Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Training High Performing Teams, Team Coaching, Leadership Programs and Organizational Development Consultation. Drawing from a deep understanding of human behavior and organizational structure, Susie coaches C-level executives, including CEO, Presidents, General Managers, as well as Entrepreneurs. Through her successfully proven coaching process and unique style, many executives have developed the vital tools to reach their full potential.   Susie is characterized for having great capacity for understanding the client’s needs and for her human touch, based on solid principles and values. She has a great capacity to listen and abstract. She constantly challenges clients into moving from comfort zones and discovering new areas of opportunity, creating breakthroughs for individuals and leadership teams struggling to enhance performance and achieve desired results.