Our Career Transition Services build and sustain your reputation as an employer of choice, even in tough times of transition. Partners International provides a Career Transition experience like no other – an outplacement experience that supports your organization’s reputation and culture while ensuring that individuals succeed in their career journeys.

Corporate Challenge: Can you distinguish between when it’s time to help your people change or when it’s time to change your people? Are you providing individuals with the services they need to move forward, move on, or are you just paying for a process?

Partners International Solution: Architected programs for moving leaders internally or externally in a transition experience that builds your organization’s reputation and enables everyone to attain success in their career journeys.

Preparing and guiding leaders and others as they:

• Transition to new opportunities inside your organization
• Continue their current careers with new organizations
• Embark on new careers
• Establish portfolio careers
• Launch encore careers
• Reboot their lives

Partners International works to build your reputation as an Employer of Choice – a Talent Magnet – and an employer with compassion for its people, even in tough times of transition.