Talent Solutions

We offer a range of talent solutions, including executive coaching, team development, tailored LD programs, turnkey workshops, and more. Using The Art of Alignment, we provide innovative solutions to help with a variety of talent needs.

Partners International has put together a diverse, world-class group of professional consultants to help our clients achieve their talent goals. Our subject matter experts and coaches are supported by a sharp, hands-on management team who continuously refines our programs according to trends, best practices, and the current state of the total talent environment.”

Partners International’s scalable talent programs are designed for organizations that want services provided to individuals and groups at all levels. We provide seamless end-to-end management for all engagements.

Contextual Solutions Framework

Partners International’s Contextual Solutions Framework is a fully tailored process designed to provide clients with a suite of solutions aligned with the organization’s business objectives and talent strategy. We ensure that our executive coaches and talent consultants have the context and insights on the culture of the organization to maximize your results.

Our Approach

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Leader Coaching

  • Apply contextual solutions framework to maximize coaching impact
  • Engage in discovery to determine coaching needs
  • Tailor coaching to address unique organizational priorities
  • Select, socialize, & supervise coaches to ensure organizational fit
  • Incorporate coaching best practices informed by the latest research in human behavior, adult learning, and organizational dynamics

Contextual Coaching for Senior Leaders

Options for 3-month or 6-month engagements, this approach promotes a deeper exploration and increased self-awareness that enables leaders to discover how to take their performance to the next level.

Group Coaching

Group coaching supports programmed learning, development of specific competency areas, and building of intact or cross-functional teams.

Short-Term Solution Focused Coaching

These engagements focus on specific needs with a solutions-focused approach designed to achieve favorable outcomes within 3-, 5-, or 8-session packages.

Reinforcement Coaching

Coaching sessions designed to complement and reinforce the learning experience for leaders participating in a leadership development program.

Coaching Office Hours

Developed as a way to serve a larger number of employees than traditional coaching models in a cost-effective way, Coaching Office Hours are virtual one-on-one coaching sessions organized into set days or blocks of time for employees to sign up for on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Talent Development

  • Focus on increasing assessing & improving individual & group EQ.
  • Facilitate interactive discussions on research based, innovative concepts with a focus on how these concepts align to organizational goals and strategies.
  • Conduct experiential, action learning to practice new skills and reflect on how insights can be applied to the “real world.”
  • Provide pragmatic next steps leaders can implement immediately to increase their effectiveness and support the strategic goals of the organization.
  • Measure impact, sustain improvements, & cascade benefits to others.

C-Suite Advisory Services

Portfolio of talent solutions to address the unique needs of senior executives and teams for development in the context of the business strategy and org culture required for successful strategy execution. Solutions then cascaded to amplify and sustain the impact. 

Team Development

Solutions designed to develop and support intact teams for enhanced awareness, communication, cohesion, collaboration and effectiveness. 

Level Up Leader™

Our Level Up Leader™ framework addresses core drivers of executive performance and provides a comprehensive, integrated and sustainable solution to improve individual and team effectiveness.

Turnkey Workshops

Programs on specific development topics targeting key skills for effective performance on a wide range of learning initiatives.

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