Transition Solutions

For 25 years, Partners International has been providing career transition services that align the needs of the client, the candidate, and the market.

While many outplacement providers have pivoted to off-the-shelf technology solutions that limit human interaction, Partners International leverages technology to continue providing high-touch, customizable career services programs to our clients and candidates.

Scalable Delivery

High touch outplacement programs for all employee levels.

Human & Technology

Blending contemporary digital and human-led delivery methods.

Individually Focused

Guaranteed access to one-on-one coaching sessions and industry best 30:1 Candidate-to-Coach Ratio.

Nimble, Creative, and Flexible

Pivot to meet the needs of our client and candidates.

Comprehensive Support

Regardless of where an individual finds themselves, they will have resources, support, and a sense of belonging.

Our Approach

Our Solutions

Partners International uses this approach and process to deliver programs for candidates—both individuals and organizations—of all experience levels and backgrounds:

TalentRelay™ Outplacement Programs

When the time comes for organizations and employees to go their separate ways, lean on Partners International’s TalentRelay™ outplacement programs. We’ll help you transition valued employees with dignity, so everyone can come out ahead.

TalentRelay™ Career Portal

Partners International’s proprietary TalentRelay™ Career Transition Portal is a technology platform that enhances, not dominates, the career transition process. In addition to on-demand tools like an AI-based resume grader, assessment tools, and hundreds of practice interview questions, candidates have access to a broad array of live webinars led by experienced career coaches on job search topics that allow each individual to ask personalized questions and get personalized answers.

Executive Premier Career Transition Programs

Partners International’s Senior Executive Premier Transition Program is a customized, VIP coaching experience, where individuals work one-on-one with an experienced, expert
career consultants to create and execute a search strategy to set them up for success. Partners’ customized approach to career transition links background, strengths, experiences, values, and preferences to out-market the competition in a dynamic, ever-changing marketplace.

ENCORE Retirement Programs

ENCORE is an innovative program that provides organizations and individuals with strategies, resources, and career and life coaching. ENCORE provides the space for emerging leaders to grow internally, so they can effectively navigate succession.

Career Mobility & Retention Planning

Designed to empower individuals to navigate their career trajectory within the organization using traditional transition tools such as brand identification and socialization, strategic networking, and role play. Managers can also benefit from workshops created to provide them with the talk track and skills needed for career conversations with their direct reports, increasing retention by outlining opportunities within the company, and how to achieve them.

Assessment and Redirectional Coaching Programs

An opportunity to redirect complicated behavior patterns or poor performance through an assessment process to determine suitability for coaching, followed by 1:1 coaching sessions for a short-term intervention to help valued employees get back on track.

Parental Leave Programs

Extended parental leave programs call for additional support as employees step out of the organization, adjust to the personal changes that come with parenting, and step back in to resume responsibilities while seeking to establish a suitable work life balance. One on one coaching before stepping out, during leave and once leave concludes, coupled with a clear action plan through manager conversations, ensures a smoother transition and increased retention during this critical time.

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