Celebrating 25 Years of Service

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Partners International News

On the 25th Anniversary of Partners International, as a Founder and Owner, I have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate where Partners has been, where we are now and where we see the Company going in the future. As a three women initiative in 1994, we recognized a critical need in the marketplace for a service provider that promised a total commitment to the principles of inclusion in the Fortune 500/50 business community. Partners International was purposely conceived as one of the very first full-service Human Capital Coaching and Consulting firms based in New York. Those principles and our purpose have proven to be as fundamentally necessary today as they were in ’94. Our mission remains the same, with ever evolving service offerings aligned to the demands of business on human capital in the 21st century.

From day one, the business was built upon a foundation of integrity and an absolute conviction in the strength of diversity and emotional intelligence. For Partners to serve the business community the best way possible, it had to walk the walk as a values-based firm. Despite the skepticism we as women met in a field conceived by men, Partners built the business by establishing honest dialogue with human resource professionals and other business leaders. We approached those conversations from the perspective of a key business partner and problem solver, not a vendor. This core approach remains as a business precept for Partners International all these years later.

Today, we continue to serve the business community of the Fortune 500/50, but have expanded our client focus to include middle market sized organizations as well. Our partnership approach with our clients, our associates and affiliates around the world continues to set Partners International apart as a leader in our industry with a boutique approach yet with global reach.

Focused on our four core offerings of Transition Management, Executive Coaching, Talent Consulting and now Executive Search, we’ve incorporated the spirit of innovation and the energy of technology in our current business without sacrificing our high-touch partnership process. Through investment in thought leadership, Partners constantly challenges our method and process to align with client need, developing and refining service to meet the real-life demands of day to day business in this ever-challenging business environment. We compete with the largest and the smallest of competitors by distinguishing our alignment as a business partner of each-and-every client. Our resilience and growth over 25 years gives testament to this over arching strategy. It works.

The future continues to offer new opportunities for Partners International, as our original purpose as a human capital business based upon inclusion and diversity resonates more today than ever before. We are widening our influence as champions of women’s initiatives, building next gen leaders in our own organization and among our coaches for this new global economy and embracing systems and technology where quantitative analysis can provide the right balance to qualitative analysis in building leadership skills and team synergy. It gives me great satisfaction and wonderful sense of possibility as I continue to lead this uniquely positioned firm.

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