Partners International Announces New Executive Team Members

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Partners International News

From Amy’s Desk:

Partners International is pleased to announce two big talent advances for our Executive Coaching/Talent Consulting businesses:

First, Andrea Chester has been promoted to the role of Managing Director of this key business group at Partners, reporting to me. Andrea will continue to lead the group with full P&L responsibility for its success. Andrea will manage all segment business processes and will also along with Andrew DeVita, our New Business Development Director, have primary responsibility for client relations for this group.

Second, Elana Roberts has agreed to accept the role of Senior Director of Coaching/Consulting reporting to Andrea and will continue to lead coaching training and our Contextual Coaching initiative here at Partners, while continuing to serve as key project lead for major client projects. Elana will also join Andrea as a member of the executive team.

Please join me in extending best wishes to these two great leaders for their continued success.

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