Executive Coaching & Talent Development Announcement

by | Jun 2, 2022 | Partners International News

Due to the increasing demand for Talent Development services, Partners International is evolving to bring clients the most cutting-edge, data-driven talent development solutions.

Effective immediately, we are shifting Talent Development operations into two practices, including Executive Coaching, led by Andrea Chester and Talent Consulting which will be led by Elana Roberts.

Elana Roberts has 25 years of experience in Talent Consulting and Executive Coaching.  She leads large-scale Talent Consulting Initiatives including the design and execution of multi-faceted leadership programs, mentoring programs, and Women’s leadership programs.  She also leads Partners International’s Coach Supervision program, an important element of a coach’s professional development, which ultimately allows Partners International to offer clients some the most qualified and effective executive coaches in the country.  

Over the last decade, Andrea Chester and team have built a robust and thriving coaching practice – one that is operationally efficient with an acute emphasis on serving clients in a high touch and seamless manner.   This will remain a priority of hers as a she continues to run the Executive Coaching practice with a focus on expanding and scaling our coaching services and offerings. Partners International continues to focus on data analysis, supervision, and being leading edge in thought leadership. The talent and leadership that Elana and Andrea bring will continue to enhance our ability to bring multi-faceted solutions to help clients align talent development strategies with the strategic priorities of their organization. 

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