Coaches Spotlight: Jane Weiland and Her Perspective on Career Transition Coaching

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Partners International News

Jane Weiland is a Senior Career Management Consultant, also known as the “Resumaniac.”  Jane proudly earned this title as a result of her talent and passion for resume writing.  Not only do these resumes generate interviews and provide content for their Pitch, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters, but they build confidence in her clients. Job elimination is stressful for many individuals. Jane works collaboratively in this one-on-one exercise with her clients to extract and discuss their corporate achievements, accomplishments and contributions with them. This process helps clients to move forward from the separation and to present themselves more effectively. 

Jane possesses significant expertise providing assessments, coaching and career transition guidance to groups and individuals at all levels from all industries. She has guided thousands of people over the past 25+ years by helping them define their career goals and strategies, learn critical search competencies and achieve results.

Prior to joining Partners International in 2009, Jane worked as a Career Counselor at several of the world’s leading career transition firms.  Early in her career, Jane worked in Human Resources as HBO’s first Employment Counselor. She then was promoted to launch internal Career & Talent Development to handle recruitment, hiring and employee onboarding at HBO’s parent company, formerly the Time Inc. Magazine Group. In these positions Jane gained insights into what the most demanding Fortune 100 employers required for their workforce and honed her interviewing, hiring and coaching skills.

In continuation of our Coaches Spotlight series, we asked Jane several questions regarding her perspective on Career Transition coaching.

Why is Career Transition coaching important to organizations who will be having a talent reduction?

Career Transition coaching is a highly valuable benefit to both the organization and to those impacted. It demonstrates support to those affected (in the absence of retention) and sets them up for success. Additionally, Career Transition coaching humanizes the experience for both the corporation and the departing employee, and sends a positive message to the “survivors” which can improve their productivity, morale and retention.  Career Transition coaching has also been known to reduce the possibility of lawsuits.

What are some lesser-known benefits for candidates who are offered Career Transition coaching?

The opportunity for the candidate to build/rebuild confidence, and the opportunity for them to cement or rethink career decisions under the collaboration and guidance of their Coach are vital benefits.

The candidate will have a Personal Advocate, Cheerleader and Mentor in their Coach who paddles along with them through this journey. They will also have access to Partners’ entire team of coaches, each of us with our own areas of related subject matter expertise and hands-on approach. Networking and Industry groups, webinars and one-on-one meetings are offered weekly to increase their personal contacts and strengthen their specific industry expertise.

Is there any level of talent that is better suited to receiving Career Transition coaching versus others?

All levels of talent will benefit from Career Transition coaching as “talent” refers to people. Those who are receptive to self-exploration, learning and personal growth should thrive.  The job market is ever-changing regardless of when someone’s last search was conducted. Frequently, candidates will state that they wished they hadn’t waited several months to start our Career Transition program because the market is difficult and so different from what they remember during their previous searches.

With Partners International, candidates will be guided through the Career Transition process receiving the most personalized, current and strategic recommendations and advice.

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