Executive Coaching



Exploding demand has fragmented the executive coaching market. In response, Partners has developed a framework designed to ensure consistent delivery.

In recent decades the need for executive coaching has grown considerably. There are now many providers, but rarely do they speak the same language or organize their efforts in a consistent way. For larger companies with numerous simultaneous coaching needs, this can pose several challenges:


How can a company guarantee that every coaching engagement uses common concepts and thematics that result in a better integrated effort across the enterprise?


How does executive management ensure that its topline strategic goals are met through each individual engagement?


How can companies measure each engagement in order to assess the overall value of coaching across the entire enterprise?

Our Contextual Coaching framework allows us to ensure a higher ROI on your coaching investment by:

Providing feedback across multiple engagements that aligns individual progress to organizational context

Coaching informed by the latest research in human behavior, adult learning, and organizational dynamics

Understanding strategic priorities and providing training to Partners coaches on these organizational priorities

Measuring progress on individual development objectives

Our Contextual Framework acknowledges that a successful coaching engagement must consider all stakeholders.

With a consistent framework, Partners International tailors coaching to individual, departmental, and even cultural needs while still providing a consistent global picture.