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Executive Coaching & Talent Development Announcement

Due to the increasing demand for Talent Development services, Partners International is evolving to bring clients the most cutting-edge, data-driven talent development solutions. Effective immediately, we are shifting Talent Development operations into two practices,...

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Outplacement’s Impact on Brand Reputation

Providing Career Transition Coaching to Exiting Employees is Key to Protecting and Enhancing Your Brand While many organizations see outplacement programs as a step on a checklist, recent events at Billboard, where laid-off employees hacked the company website, show...

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Reduce Career Transition Stress Through Mindful Practice

Job Search isn’t too stressful, right? Living in ambiguity, not sure what will happen is generally very uncomfortable. Add in today’s stress of a new “normal,” not knowing when we will get back to being around people, stores and businesses reopening, and potential job...

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Building Resilience During Transition

“The only constant is change.” Heraclitus, 500 B.C. The wisdom of the ages has much to teach us.  If it is true that the only constant is change, what are the implications for you?  If the only thing we can count on not changing is change itself, then it may...

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