Outplacement’s Impact on Brand Reputation

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Career Transition

Providing Career Transition Coaching to Exiting Employees is Key to Protecting and Enhancing Your Brand

While many organizations see outplacement programs as a step on a checklist, recent events at Billboard, where laid-off employees hacked the company website, show how vital it is for Executive Leadership and Human Resources to consider the impact that exiting and recently departed employees can have on their brand, including both reputation with clients and on social media, as well as the impact that reputational damage can have on current employee retention and recruiting.

Since our inception in 1994, Partners International, a WBENC certified woman-owned firm, has embraced a culture that is grounded in delivering high-touch services to the HR community. Our core offerings include custom designed outplacement programs specific to the culture of our clients.

The reason for this is simple – brand reputation is at risk when employees involuntarily depart. Providing exiting employees with compassionate, high-touch outplacement programs makes current employees more likely to be satisfied with their employer and less likely to be looking for alternatives. Employees want to feel cared for throughout their employment life-cycle and transitioning out is an important part of that process.

Throughout our entire organization, we are mindful of the trust and responsibility we have to maintain and re-enforce our clients’ all-important brand image. It is only natural for departed employees to view us as an extension of their former organization, and we take that reputational aspect very seriously.

Because many firms do not experience broad reductions in force (RIF’s) frequently, when they do need to restructure, they want a thoughtful solution tailored for their specific situation. They may require on-site support managing the notification and education process with employees. Or they want outplacement packages that are both high-tech and high-touch to best address their unique needs. This includes robust reporting capabilities, close consultation to support larger RIF’s and targeted programs to uniquely meet the specific demands of certain candidates.

At Partners, we deliver this hands-on support every day throughout our entire organization from our management team, our coaches, consultants, and strategic partners. We are extremely proud of our 95% retention rate across all our corporate clients and we will continue to listen, discern and provide the very best solutions possible to meet all the needs of all our clients whom we are proud and grateful to serve.

Michael Rutigliano is a Senior Career Transition Consultant at Partners International and the founder of Career Navigator usa, Inc. He has guided, assisted, and mentored diverse Executives and Professionals in search of high professional achievement and career success. Michael is an Affiliate of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital Harvard Medical School and a member of the NYC chapter of the International Coaching Federation. He is a graduate of the NY Institute of Finance and has served as a subject matter expert to the London School of Economics, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Georgetown University.

A former member of the NYSE and past elected President of the 1000-member Organization of Independent NYSE Floor Brokers, Michael was appointed Senior Staff Governor by the NYSE Board of Directors in addition to serving on numerous NYSE committees, industry, and non-profit boards.

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